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Middleware and Infrastructure Topics about æternity’s Middleware that helps æpp creators get the data they need, fast. SDKs A place for discussing æternity’s JavaScrpt SDK, Phyton SDK, Go SDK, Java SDK, Elixir SDK and more! Explorers Discussions related to æternity’s blockchain explorers. Developer Suite and Tools Topics dedicated to the tools that you may need to create a world-conquering æpp. AEXpansion Proposals A place for non-core proposals and processes to be adopted by the æternity developer community. Wallets and æpp Browsers The right place for all discussions related to æternity’s wallets and application browsers. Blockchain æpps The place for thoughts on all æpps being built on the powerful æternity infrastructure. Documentation Hub A place for all the walktroughs you need to build on æternity.
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Product Developer Ecosystem Update The goal is to make everyone understand what the aeternity Developer community is working on. The community elected and trusted us to build a Blockchain and an ecosystem that enables e…

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