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Fortuna The place to discuss the Fortuna Releases (3.x.x) and the features and improvements they introduce. Roma Everything about the first live implementation of the æternity blockchain - the Roma Release. Oracles æternity’s protocol-integrated oracles provide a way for information from the real-world to flow into the blockchain. Oracle markets available on mobile devices are a vision the æternity team actively pursues. Have a question or comment? State Channels State Channels are æternity’s off-chain scaling solution. Have a question or comment? Sophia Smart Contracts Sophia is a smart contract language that was designed to write safer code. It is a functional Ocaml-like language which syntax most resembling that of Reason. Any questions or comments? Naming System æternity features an integrated naming system that significantly improves the user experience. Minerva Everything about the first fork of the æternity blockchain - the Minerva Release. News and Updates A place for all news coming from the core development team.
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Please start a new topic with your question. This is the place to discuss core æternity technology like state channels, oracles, consensus mechanism, smart contracts, etc. If you have a question about æpps, please use t…

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