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Roma Everything about the first live implementation of the æternity blockchain - the Roma Release. Fortuna The place to discuss the Fortuna Releases (3.x.x) and the features and improvements they introduce. Oracles æternity’s protocol-integrated oracles provide a way for information from the real-world to flow into the blockchain. Oracle markets available on mobile devices are a vision the æternity team actively pursues. Have a question or comment? Sophia Smart Contracts Sophia is a smart contract language that was designed to write safer code. It is a functional Ocaml-like language which syntax most resembling that of Reason. Any questions or comments? Minerva Everything about the first fork of the æternity blockchain - the Minerva Release. Lima All information related to the third scheduled hardfork of the æternity protocol. News and Updates A place for all news coming from the core development team. Generalized Accounts The sub-category dedicated to discussions about æternity’s unique feature - generalized accounts. State Channels State Channels are æternity’s off-chain scaling solution. Have a question or comment? Naming System æternity features an integrated naming system that significantly improves the user experience.
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Please start a new topic with your question. This is the place to discuss core æternity technology like state channels, oracles, consensus mechanism, smart contracts, etc. If you have a question about æpps, please use t…

2 April 16, 2018
Cancelling an update and leave -- it is possible? 1 October 23, 2019
Querying of Oracle via name hash 1 October 23, 2019
Miner signalled consensus upgrade 2 October 23, 2019
Subdomains prototype writeup 3 October 23, 2019
Manual token migration still possible? 16 October 21, 2019
Possible bug detected after Testnet Lima hardfork 8 October 19, 2019
Fetch auctions "in progress" 6 October 18, 2019
State Channels bi-weekly development update - Mid October 2019 1 October 18, 2019
Channel creation on testnet with v5.0.0-rc5 node 1 October 18, 2019
Problem for opening a state channel 6 October 17, 2019
Account balances when running auctions 3 October 17, 2019
State Channels in the browser, etc 1 October 17, 2019
Allow transaction fee being payed by another account 35 October 15, 2019
Reserved names? 4 October 15, 2019
Garbage collection development update 1 October 11, 2019
State Channels bi-weekly development update - End of September 2019 2 October 9, 2019
AE tokens Migration 3 October 8, 2019
Virtual State Channels 11 October 8, 2019
I send ae tokens to the migration contract directly 36 October 7, 2019
Third Lima Release Candidate is Out 2 October 4, 2019
State record in init function 8 September 30, 2019
Inquiry about migrated tokens 14 September 29, 2019
AE-DNS Proposal 2 September 23, 2019
AE tx-pay-by proposal 6 September 19, 2019
Proposal: use Emin Gun Sirer's Snowball for consensus 1 September 17, 2019
Why do i see more than one block in the transaction list? 8 September 17, 2019
Get a list of filtered map elements 7 September 13, 2019
Zero address literal 13 September 13, 2019
V5-pre1: State Channels FSM entered unknown state 2 September 12, 2019