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[Cryptic Legends] A Hero Manager Game

Hello people! Happy to introduce my team and our game Cryptic Legends. Cryptic Legends is a hero manager game set in an ancient fantasy world in which players are trading and collecting heroes, configuring their skil…

26 February 24, 2020
[CryptoTask] A decentralized freelance marketplace

Dear forum members, let us introduce CryptoTask, a decentralized freelance marketplace which will soon be running on Aeternity! A little bit about us: CryptoTask is the cure for the freelancing, a trillion $ industr…

30 January 13, 2020
[WeiDex] A Decentralized Exchange

Hello guys, We are weiDex - the most user friendly and secure decentralized exchange, based on Aeternity and Ethereum. Access the exchange here: We would be happy to help you, if you have any qu…

54 January 6, 2020
[UTU Protocol] - Trust Infrastructure as a Service

Hi all, we’ve not been very active on the forum but all that changes now! UTU is no longer in semi-stealth mode and excited to share a lot of news about what we’ve been up to! Check the announcements channels soon. In th…

4 December 17, 2019
[AMPNET] AMPnet - Decentralized energy trading | Questions, Updates, Feedback

Greetings all, Mislav here, the CEO of AMPnet. We are one of the startups that got funded through the Starfleet 1 programme. Beyond that, we were voted as winners of the community contest at the first Demo Day! As we a…

17 November 20, 2019
[Abend] Payments for the event industry

Hi guys, I am Tim from Abend - it was great meeting you guys in Prague! The alpha tests here at our concert as well as with you guys in Prague (53 transactions over testnet / 79 AP in revenue; see shop view below) can …

5 October 30, 2019
[Homeport] Decentralized ground station network

Hey Starfleeters, I’m Zdravko of team Homeport, a SAT-1 Initiative spinoff. We’re one of the Starfleet Vol. 2 graduates and our solution, Homeport, is a ground-station-as-a-service platform. It provides a decentralize…

11 October 8, 2019
[Data2HONEY] Your Data-Airbnb company for renting your data for money, while keeping anonymity, control and ownership

Dear all, As a CEO of HONEYCOMB Colony community members and Data2HONEY product being at its core, I am delighted to join here, my fellow co-Starfleet 1 incubator brothers and sisters! On the community side, we are gat…

7 October 8, 2019
[YAIR] Your Art Is Reality Project (Tokenizing Digital Art)

Hi All, I am Rufus from YAIR… We participated in Starfleet Incubator 2018, and were one of the lucky few selected to receive funding and support from Aeternity. We are building a platform for Digital Art, which is in t…

10 October 3, 2019
Juan Carlos Delpino S - InstaTrust1

Hi gals & guys, You might know me from other forum sections but this time I’ll introduce my self as the CEO of InstaTrust1 a startup from Venezuela that just made it through Genesis Week from the 2nd Edition of the Starf…

18 September 9, 2019
[TraDEXsocial] Starfleet Project Introduction and Updates 1.1

Hello All! This is a short introduction of TraDEXsocial! The goal of TraDEXsocial is to lower the barrier for regular people to enter the blockchain world and trade by making better financial decisions without any previ…

4 April 11, 2019
[Noble Hire] A referral-based job board

Hello, guys! Greetings from Noble Hire - a referral-based job board that has its official launch today! Noble Hire aims to address all of the issues with the traditional talent acquisition by inspiring companies to crea…

11 April 8, 2019
[TraDEXsocial] Starfleet Project Introduction and Updates

Hello All! This is a short introduction of the TraDEXsocial project! We are giving the people an integrated platform where they can easily mine and trade cryptocurrency because almost all people enter the blockchain env…

5 April 3, 2019
[RideSafe] A Network for Transportation and Health Services

We are glad to join you on this forum from RideSafe in Nairobi, Kenya. RideSafe has brought together a community of Riders, First responders, public motorbike passengers and well wishers to participate in building a net…

3 April 2, 2019
[thefashionproject] platform for aspiring designers

Hello to everyone! It’s Philipp and Paula from the fashion project joining the forum! See you soon in Sofia!! xx Paula

3 March 22, 2019
[Heytax] Tax reports for crypto traders

Hello guys. We are part of the second badge of starfleet. We are building a tool that currenctly can take care of your private tax reports if you are based in Germany. Later we want to also go in other countries and off…

5 March 28, 2019
[SAY] A Tech NGO Enabling Virtual Families for Children

Hello everyone, My name is Ehsan and I am here with Mostafa on behalf of team SAY. I am a civil engineer but like many engineers, I am not working in this field. I left engineering to be able to contribute to the world…

11 March 21, 2019
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