[2019.2.13]Hspminer: fastest aeterntiy miner 2.1.2 for Linux and Windows


What is AE hash rate in G/s for a single 1080 Ti ???


n/min ? … how does that compare to kh/s from the other miners ??


Thank you very much!:grinning:


Done, thank you!:wink:


@Aurum @lofino The most right thing to compare is the hashrate in the pools’ website. What I can guantee is that I am describing my miner 100% accurate and I have done many tests to keep my miner the FASTEST.
So I am confident if you can use my miner to compare to others(you can also see other’s feedback above in this post) and you are all welcome to show yours feedbacks.:grinning:
At last I care about my reputation and I will do best to improve the miners and give you guys the FASTEST aeternity miner.
P.S. please see the notes before you use 2.1.2 miner.


You do realise most people mine on Linux instead of windows?


I’m asking why don’t you use the correct units for Cuckoo Cycle???
Its creator posts here all the time.


Not sure why all of you complain. Just try hspminer and gminer and bminer for a few hours. Check your hash on your beepool miner webpage. You should never trust what the miner tells about your hashrate as it’s the pool that pays you. With the last gminer i saw 20% more hash on my miner window but in beepool i had the same hash so… Lol.


Thank you for your all the time support!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hi win 10 1809 6x1060 6GB pagefile 80GB

what is wrong?

Bminer works fine.

HSP - 6x 1080ti - ok


02/23 17:20:03.556 GPU 0 failed,Lack of virtual memory or GPU memory
02/23 17:20:03.705 GPU 1 failed,Lack of virtual memory or GPU memory
02/23 17:20:03.845 GPU 2 failed,Lack of virtual memory or GPU memory
02/23 17:20:03.986 GPU 3 failed,Lack of virtual memory or GPU memory
02/23 17:20:04.139 GPU 4 failed,Lack of virtual memory or GPU memory
02/23 17:20:04.293 GPU 5 failed,Lack of virtual memory or GPU memory
02/23 17:20:05.334 AE: 02/23/19 17:20:05.331 - New job target a3ee10638…
02/23 17:20:16.366 Exit…


Ok, so which miner is the fastest???

Beepool, seriously???


For me it was hspminer but havent tested the last gminer where they said they improved fidelity pool side. I dont mine AE since a few days because diff is too high (i will alway mine the most profitable and buy more AE with that).
Yes beepool because i mine on windows. I mine too much weird things to stick with linux.


For now 2.1.2 is not suitable for 1060, sorry and please wait for the further support.


Thank you very much for the support!:grinning:


Really? :confused: I doubt it…


Glad to say that the support to 1066 and the Linux version will soon come out, just please keep an eye on this post!
BTW, thank you very much for all the time support to hsp aeternity miner!