A letter to the project party

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I don’t wanna sound too optimistic here. But actually many things are being tackled right now and I absolutely understand your standpoint.

Things are currently moving into the right direction. Please be patient. More open discussion with the community is definitely needed. Absolutely agree :slight_smile:


I agree- I also feel that things are moving forward. And its great that you engage too. And please guys express your needs explicitly and then lets as community think on how we can get the best solution- for continuos improvement


Enigma watermark chain contributor-mainly responsible for the operation of eternity. Responsibility is to ensure the smooth flow of information between the community and the product technical team, and to continuously improve the workflow. But what I see is that the developers themselves publish all kinds of information, I can think you take money not to do things? The essence of operation is the process of achieving a goal by mobilizing all internal and external resources to integrate a focused goal. The essence of operation is to do resource integration. Data analysis many people will do, many people will speak, many people will use the tools, in the effort to become a good operator on the road, though will stumble, but I hope you continue to make efforts to move forward. From now on to pay practice to verify! Come on


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