A little advice to the project side

  1. The project party needs to measure the technical strength of the technical team and keep in-depth communication with the technical team. Overambitious goals. So that it cannot be completed or postponed.

  2. During the project, please ask the project party to keep communication with the resource department (exchange), and mediate and allocate resources in real time. Don’t underestimate the resources required by the project, and add resource redundancy when applying for resources or forecasting the required resources.

  3. Set up a reward and punishment mechanism for the project as soon as possible (no one works without money), so as not to cause the community and the team to complain, and develop the project with negative emotions, resulting in the failure of the project.

From the technical and commercial point of view, Aeternity: If it is predicted that the milestone cannot be reached, you should think of countermeasures; if there is no countermeasures, you should think of reasons to explain, and inform that the requirements have been completed. For some new problems, it takes time to complete them later, which cannot be completed in one or two times. At the same time, you should clearly describe what efforts have been made, what work has been completed, what further work needs to be completed and from what aspects. Let many investors see hope, although there are problems of one kind or another in the process of the project, at any time, as a leader, we should stand up to the pressure, instead of being a shrinking turtle.