[Abend] Payments for the event industry

Hi guys,
I am Tim from Abend - it was great meeting you guys in Prague!
The alpha tests here at our concert as well as with you guys in Prague (53 transactions over testnet / 79 AP in revenue; see shop view below) can be called successful. You can find a video of that first test here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNtS3MCDCRE

While at the last tests, we only used a web app for the users, our next step will be made on 23rd of October with another alpha test at a concert where we will test our wristband solution. I’ll keep you updated!

Furthermore all that attended our talk know that we are viewing the event economy as a whole and that we are working on a cooperative of event organizers in order to redistribute certain revenue in the industry based on a token logic. However, I will keep you updated on that, ones we take the next steps here.

Hugs from Cologne,



Great stuff @Tim_Abend — hey @A.K perfect timing :wink:

Hi guys,
quick update: we had our first hardware tests with wristbands at a concert this Wednesday. It all went really well: 840 € and 459 Orders were processed during a 4 hour event with 160 people.
Find a few pictures of the event over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DA771a_vJU&feature=youtu.be

Best regards,


Great to see the progress, is you aepp source code on github too and open-source?