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This is the home of all suggestions and ideas coming from the community.

Since the æternity team resources are already dedicated to various important projects, the community proposals that we will appreciate the most will be those that include not only identification of issues, but also possible solutions and eagerness to help in addressing them.

We look forward to your suggestions!

Let’s build æternity together!

The AE team


“The aeternity team should also thing about ways too to give incentives to anyone that can help in anyway or the other, by doing that, we would be making things easier.”
• Tweeting and Retweeting of posts
• Sharing Aeternity updates on social media
• Make articles, video, infographics, share them on youtube, and other big platform.
• Engage the young,(student in the campus) there are young and vibrant to make this a reality.
• Other engaging giveaways once in a while.
• charity and good projects in our communities.

This are my suggestions, if i have any, i would let you guys know.