About the Proposals & Campaigns (CBCs) category

Everyone from the æternity community is welcome to propose campaigns that would help grow the ecosystem. If you have a solid and well-planned idea, the æternity community will support your efforts.

To propose a Community Campaign for evaluation, a simple proposal format must be followed. Just copy/paste the nine points of the Campaign Proposal format in a new topic and add information under each of them. Once ready, post your Community Campaign proposal as a new topic in the Community Campaigns category in the Forum.

Campaign Proposal Format (mandatory)

I. Title - must be clear and concise
II. Summary - a concise description of the campaign. Limit this to 2 paragraphs max, no longer than 300 words.
III. Goals - clear objectives must be set, noting the target demographics and the call to action/conversions.
IV. Roles - team members involved in the project as well as their backgrounds and expertise, as well as any reviewers from the Board or the AE team who need to check output before release, if any.
V. MVPs - list of final output
VI. Timeline - how long will this campaign run, including preparations.
VII. Milestones - divide the timeline into achievable milestones. The budget may have to be released in increments as milestones are reached.
VIII. Budget - a clear breakdown of costs as well as the total cost
IX. Assessment/Metrics of Success - state the desired end result and how they will be monitored and measured

Once you believe your campaign is ready for evaluation, you may reach out to @ae-vlad @albena.chain or @theScientress.chain so they can make sure all the details of your campaign are complete. They may ask for more details and refinements before adding the proposal to the Evaluation Board agenda.

You will then be given a link to attend the Campaign Review call to present your proposal. The Community Campaigns Evaluation Board (or Evaluation Board) is composed of @ae-vlad, @erik.chain, @pegah.chain, @theScientress.chain, @emin.chain, @marion, @Helmut, @NikolatheBoss.chain, @pablocoirolo.chain, @Ingmarwatermark.chain and Yani. Specialized evaluation boards with members of the community could be created at a later stage. The Evaluation Board will vote YES (+1), NO (-1), or REFINE (refine and present again).

For further information on preparing a campaign proposal for evaluation, please read this guide.

You may also post questions and ask for assistance in the Community Initiatives & Suggestions category in the Forum.


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Questions that need to be sorted out before making this public:

  1. Payments - any rules regarding payments, ie Escrow, releases per milestone, etc. Would the Foundation take over the release of funds, as opposed to just asking Lale?
  2. Voting - when this scales up (many participants), will the voting mechanism change?
  3. Any other potential issues we can think of that need to be ironed out before we launch this to the public?

Copy pasting @vlad.chain’s list of questions from Wire:

-not asking community members to reveal their personal info (the campaign lead) in the forum by submitting a campaign (answering question #5)

  • who will present a submitted community campaign to the Community Campaign Review Board? The campaign lead?
  • how will funds be distributed in detail? Always in batches? Never sending tokens before a specific milestone is reached?
  • will the voting result of a Community Campaign be made public?