Abuja Aeternity Meetup

During my last meetup my participants were more technological inclined and computer science entrepreneurs and SME owners, we had an interactive time discussing about the advantages of aeternity blockchain and how such technology can be used . We looked at oracles and security. We had a discussion on how the implementation of oracle on the ærternity blockchain increased smart contract utility, and how aeternity is implementing integrated oracles, which can be used to request and access real-world data from various providers. I explained how The PoS consensus mechanism is used to check the validity of answers and imbue them in the blockchain, making them available to anyone. And I had muudlung explain sofia smart contract to them, he also showed them step by step on how to go about submission I was able to also tell them more about some of the funding opportunities aeternity provides for her community through the Starfleet program and how they can participate.


Here is Mudlong’s dacade submission on the æternity 101 course for reference: https://dacade.org/ae-dev-101/submission/-LoeUHkMFVpG1mwQojBD

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Meet up video clip

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