Abuja ambassador meetup

Abuja meetup.
The meetup I hosted on the 10/05/2019 was great, I had the opportunity to talk about ærternity and it’s features which are,state channel and oracle.I explained blockchain 101 and refered my participants to dacade.org for further study and understanding i then encouraged them to sign up on the course.
I then went ahead to explain smart contract and the main objective of a Smart Contract, which is the removal of intermediary and the enablement of anonymous parties to conduct business privately and securely.
I also talked about the Bitcoin-NG which is an updated version of the tried-and-tested Bitcoin consensus protocol. Bitcoin-NG allows the blockchain to remain decentralized,and It’s the main source that guarantees the security of the whole system.
Then I discussed how safe and reliable æternity blockchain is, and also how we can save vital information and document on the blockchain as with the availability of the peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, the DLT which allows participants on the network to store, record and exchange “information” in digital form across different, self-interested counterparties without the need for a central record keeper and without the need for trust among the counterparties.
We then came up with a use case of digital identity, provision of digital credentials such as (birth, death, marriages, etc.) for Nigerians for a secured use on different online channels and also for other social uses.

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Thank you @Nafty, that seems to have been a very productive meetup, you’ve covered many topics. Were all attendants newcomers or some of them have already heard about æternity?


Majority of the attendants were new participants, just few among the participants have heard about æternity.

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Nafty you should try to retain your past participants to educate them to start to build the prototypes you are talking about.

Thank you Erik, I will do just that, so we can start working on the prototype.


Here is the video from this meetup in Abuja on May 10th: