Abuja Meetup Aeternity

The meetup held in Abuja, the participants who were more of entrepreneurs and business owners, enjoyed the discussing about what aeternity blockchain and how it can be used to solve real life problems business owners encounter on daily basis ranging from payment channels ,traceability and transactions security, My focus was on the things that make aeternity different from other blockchain platforms, I explained state channels and how It allows for transactions and smart contracts to be executed off-chain and also not overloading the network. And how It is not necessary for a smart contract to exist on-chain for it to be enforceable and secure. Moreover, only the peers involved in the value transmission or who own the smart contract code need to know any details about the transaction, thereby significantly increasing the level of privacy. Any dispute between the parties can be quickly settled by announcing the last mutually agreed state of off-chain interaction on the main chain (on-chain).
Moving load away from the blockchain also allows for parallel and even partial execution of smart contracts, increasing system scalability and flexibility dramatically. I also referred them to dacade for better understanding on how the blockchain works and how they can integrate the blockchain technology onto their businesses.


Meetup video clip