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Status: Approved on the 17.01.2022, submitted on the 14.01.2022
Last updated: 14.1.2022
**Submited by Dimitar Ivanov, dimitar.chain
Team: Ulf Wiger, Hans Svensson, Dincho Todorov, Sean Hinde, Craig Everett, Fabian Krol, Chandru Mullaparthi, Michal Bargowski, Dimitar Ivanov
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Open Source Development

Application Title

Core team application Jan-Mar 2022


We are the Aeternity core devs.

Value Application

We are developing new features, improving the current state of the node and fixing bugs. During the next quarter we plan on focusing on HyperChains. There is a lot of work there to be do be done but it is a relatively narrow field. We expect 3 or 4 people to be working on it without stepping on each other’s toes. We do not expect them to be finished in the scope of this application. We will also be working on various ongoing tasks like:

  • GUI launcher
  • RocksDB refactoring
  • aeCanary improvements
  • docker support for M1
  • Rosetta API
  • Plugins
  • Advanced State Channels
  • MultiSig
  • Sync improvements

Definition of Terms

Here is a more detailed description of the mentioned features:

  • HyperChains - this is the new protocol we will implement. It will be developed in phases and tested heavily both in private and public testnets. It will require updating some of the tools in the ecosystem.
  • GUI launcher - a native application that compiles and runs the node. This is a really cool project we expect to be able to show soon
  • RocksDB refactoring - we are using a RocksDB plugin but so far we’ve been limited only to using a small subset of its API. There is a huge effort from our side - we had to refactor significant portions of our code. We also fixed some C++ bugs in the plugin itself. Stay tuned.
  • aeCanary - our monitoring tool needs some more work so we can automatically trace accounts and some other fancy features
  • docker support for M1 ARM architecture - currently the node builds on Apple’s M1 and runs great. We should extend our docker support - we currently publish x86 docker images and those do not work in the new ARM context
  • Rosetta API - we are using this as an onboarding project for Chandru, he just started working on it.
  • Plugins - as we now have support for proper plugins, a number of ideas have come up for example- and utility plugins.
  • Advanced State Channels - Develop the concept of State Channel markets and perhaps other advanced State Channels use cases. This may involve improving the client-side experience.
  • MultiSig - Implement and test MuSig2 for ed25519; this will produce transaction signatures indistinguishable from “normal” signatures. To test and showcase this we also need rudimentary wallet/key support which means AEX-3, AEX-10 and a couple of more things.
  • Sync improvements - there is some known low hanging fruit with regard to improving peer broadcasting and sync

Status Quo

None of this is present.

Required Work

Once we have enough features implemented, we will make official releases.


We would be working full time on this, although some of the team (Hans, Dincho and Chandu) already have other commitments and would help us depending on their availability.

Known Limitations

We do not expect finishing the HC and GUI. Given Chandru’s availability, the Rosetta API might also not be fully implemented. Plugins and State Channel markets are evolving work.


HyperChains have been a long standing goal of ours but due to polishing of the idea, there is still a lot of work left to be done. It would be great showing some of the progress we’ve made so far.

I personally think the GUI would be a game changer in the ecosystem: it will allow node operators to interact with their nodes in radically different ways and it would present the information in a user-friendly manner.


We publish our work in the official AE repositories.


Hope the foundation can approve it in a faster way! @lydia

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Many work was planned in mid-2021; it is still planned; I don’t understand what the team plan is?Unfortunately; no long-term planning; Even if the project is planned; it is not completed. we Want to see the interaction like the middleware team(praise @marco.chain ).Instead of a rosetta api planned for a year!。Allow me to joke; hyperchain from planning to disappearing
Many projects are not that necessary; aeCanary is well developed; but are there exchanges in use?The recharge of ae still requires a lot of confirmation.
Other public chains are growing; But ae is still in the plan.The community is powerless; because development and funding are in the hands of the team. 。I hope the foundation and founders plan well; the community should not be sad again and again. @lydia @yani.chain @erik.chain
I hereby accept the rebuttal from the core team @dimitar.chain

The Application is approved by ACF Board.

Thanks to the core team for continuously keeping the blockchain safe and stable. Their extraordinary work during and after the 51% attacks helped Huobi to lock 90% of the lost tokens on their exchange. We are proud to have such excellent developers. The progress on the dev tools was only possible due to the work of the core devs too. The hyperchains development had several iterations of improvement and is ongoing. Due to personal changes in the original hyperchains team and the attacks the hyperchains research had a delay last year. However, the core team is growing and getting stronger to finally deliver the expected results on time. Iris HF was done and aeCanary is already used by some exchanges. ACF believes in the bright future!


Let’s look forward to the punctual release of the super chain in February! Refuelling! @yani.chain

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It sounds very exciting. But we need to be clear that there is not much time left for us. Most people have been following Aeternity for 3 years or more. Don’t let them down. Thank you for your reply and have a nice day.

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