[Active] AE maintenance Q2-2023

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Status: Approved on the 22.04.2023, submitted on the 21.04.2023
Last updated: 21.04.2023
Submited by First Name, Last Name: Dimitar Ivanov
Team: Craig Everett, Sean Hinde, Dimitar Ivanov, Hans Svensson, Dincho Todorov, Ulf Wiger, Metin Akat, Rumiana Akat
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Open Source Development

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Core team application April-June 2023


Aeternity core developers team.

Value Application

During the first quarter, our main task will still be the HyperChains implementation. We are wrapping up the initial implementation

We will also be working on various ongoing tasks:

  • Tx Execution Parallelization
  • Snapshot Sync
  • Front-End Playground
  • Advanced State Channels
  • EIP-712

Status Quo


They are our top priority. We are working towards adding:

  • Lazy leader - an elected leader is not producing a block, then anyone can produce a block
  • Fork awareness for the parent-chain - forks on the parent chain must propagate to the child chain
  • Revisit the staking UI to make it working with the latest contract changes
  • Implement the pending contract changes

Tx Execution Parallelization

Revisit transaction dependency building and execute txs in parallel. This will improve sync and transaction throughput.

Snapshot Sync

Since now there is an efficient GC, then it can be implemented a snapshot sync approach. It will sync all the block headers till a certain height and then start asking for DB objects from different peers.

Front-End Playground

A front-end UI for inspecting transactions and interacting with the chain needs to be implemented.

Advanced State Channels

There are ideas on how to evolve the State Channel Market demo into a more complete, usable and practical demo. A more mobile-friendly interface than WebSockets has also been requested, as well as a different packaging, making it possible to run State Channels outside of the actual Aeternity node. We will see if we get to it in this Q.


The implementation of EIP-712 typed structured data hashing and signing will allow the user to inspect the message they are signing in a wallet.

Network Monitoring Tool

This work on this tool is in progress: a prototype was created, it connects to nodes and asks for their peers but needs to be finished, it feeds the data into Graphana. It is to be improved, still.

Required Work

Once we have enough features implemented, we will make official releases.


We would be working full time on this, although some of the team (Hans and Craig) already have other commitments and would help us depending on their availability.

Known Limitations

Although we aim at delivering fully functional HCs, there will be a lot to be improved there.


HCs is something we had promised long ago. It will be great to deliver a working version. Improved syncing would be highly appreciated by the community. We do need the monitoring tool for internal purposes.


We publish our work in the official AE repositories.