[Active] AE maintenance Q2 and Q3

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Status: Approved on the 06.05.2021
Last updated: 04.05.2021
**Submited by Dimitar Ivanov @dimitar.chain, Submitted on 04.05.2021
Team: Ulf Wiger, Hans Svensson, Ulf Norell, Dincho Todorov
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Open Source Development

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AE maintenance Q2


We are the core team.

Value Application

Since now iris hardfork is closing in, We are making plans for the next months. We will be working on the planned roadmap. Those are all pending improvements that help stability of the network, performance or provide new tools to empower developers and node operators

Definition of Terms

Some notable changes on our plate are:

  • A major DB refactoring The initial imlementation to the DB access was impemented for roma release and had not changed much. Since then we’ve acquired a lot of experience and know-how and now we are revisiting the approach grounds up. We are keeping backwards compatibility but the new solution would be far superior than the old one, especially in raw performance but also it would improve stability.
  • Node maintenance mode This is a concept we developed around the 51% attack: we need to be able to disable for a while certain applications running on the node to allow certain operations to be performed on the node itself. This will allow us to build CLI tools. Two such tools would be allowing a node operator to manually pick one fork over another. This is to make fighting 51% attacks easier.
  • AeCanary The monitoring tool AeCanary is already in development and will be released soon. It provides the ability to track the tainted tokens. Also it delivers to the exchanges an exposure at a given point of time
  • FATE improvements - we will gather feedback from FATEv2 and publish plans for further improvements.
  • Beam sync - a radical optimization of fast sync
  • Rosetta API implementation
  • Tests and documentation improvements. It is cleanup time :slight_smile:

Status Quo

The node is safe and stable already, we want to make it faster and easier to use by users.

Required Work

Deliverables would be node releases and AeCanary releases.

Known Limitations

This is quite an ambitious plan. We will grow the team but finding new members will take time and onboarding - even more so. There is the possibility that some of those tasks will spill in Q3.


After those tasks are finished, node operators will be better prepared with fighting 51% attacks on the network with both tools and early notification system.


Our work will be published under ISC License.

node repo: GitHub - aeternity/aeternity: æternity: solving scalability problems by making sense of state-channels
AeCanary repo: GitHub - aeternity/ae_canary


It’s worth celebrating


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Any hope for Windows users to be able to run a node more easily as well? Would be probably helpful to have more nodes in Asia, Africa and Latin America :slight_smile: