[Active] AE maintenance Q3-2022

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Status: Approved on 13.07.2022, submitted on 12.07.2022
Last updated: 12.07.2022
Submited by First Name, Last Name: Dimitar Ivanov
Team: Michal Bargowski, Craig Everett, Sean Hinde, Dimitar Ivanov, Fabian Krol, Hans Svensson, Dincho Todorov, Ulf Wiger, Metin Akat
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Open Source Development

Application Title

Core team application July-September 2022


Aeternity core developers team.

Value Application

During the third quarter, our main task will be the HyperChains implementation. However, we do not expect to finish it in the scope of this application.

We will also be working on various ongoing tasks:

  • RocksDB refactoring
  • GC of old states
  • Rosetta API

Definition of Terms


They are our top priority. We are working towards adding:

  • a parent chain connector
  • more features in the contract
  • improving the release process
  • revisiting the UI grounds up

RocksDB refactoring

We are looking forward finishing this feature.

GC old states

This would be really beneficial but it is blocked by the RocksDB refactoring. Once the latter is merged, we will be working on this

Rosetta API

The developer working on this quit, then it was moved to another dev that dropped it in favour of HC develpment. We aim at finishing this API.

Status Quo

None of the above is available.

Required Work

Once we have enough features implemented, we will make official releases.


We would be working full time on this, although some of the team (Hans, Dincho, Michal and Craig) already have other commitments and would help us depending on their availability.

Known Limitations

We do not expect finishing the HyperChains.


HyperChains have been a long-standing goal, but there is still a lot of work left.


We publish our work in the official AE repositories.