[Active] Aeasy.io and Aens.io improvements of the proposal

Thank you for your use. I have seen your problem, but I have tested it and it can be registered normally. Would you like to try it again? Or try a different email and browser? @lydia

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@Baixin Thanks for fixing, it works now. Your Applications looks gut. Can you please put it on the github?

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It was already on github, back in April
This is the open source address for aeasy-io:
This is the open source address of aens.io:

There is a detailed description of both projects in the topic

AEasy.io and Aens.io Published to GitHub, And I am glad to migrate the repository to Æternity’s github.


Updated aens.io
Currently, otc transactions are supported. Users can directly bid for the completed domain name, and users and users can directly conduct transactions. The whole transaction process is realized on the chain.

Can I trade aens here? How to do it, I have long expected this feature.

That is not allowed. In China, if I interact with RMB directly, I will go to prison…

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@Baixin Your Application has been approved by the ACF Board. Thank you!



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Report dated June 28, 2020

  1. Modify Aeasy domain name registration verification amount
  2. Modify problems that may fail in Aeasy transfer to increase the success rate
  3. Add Aens OTC trading functions
  4. Optimize the mnemonic login process of Aens
  5. Increase the internationalization function of Aens
  6. Record Aens Chinese version video tutorial
  7. Write Aens mixed Chinese and English document tutorial

AENS.IO Using tutorial

Thanks for your tutorial!~

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Report dated July 12, 2020

1.Aeasy request header adds internationalization parameters, supporting Both Chinese and English
2.Aeasy investigates predictive machine processes and is ready to add interface extensions
3.Aens adds automatic domain renewal in hosting


July 25, 2020
1.Aeasy is officially launched to support predictive machine function, with 5 new interfaces, which can be viewed by login document gitbook
2. Github source code annotation added in Aeasy for others to view
3.Anes will increase the time of hosting domain name update and change the daily update
4. Fix a few bugs

The following is the interaction flow chart between Oracle and Aeasy

The document address

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Hi @Baixin

Thank you for the weekly reports in July.
Could you please share the weekly reports for August as well?

Thank you.



Ok, thank you for reminding me. I am sorting out the function, and it is expected to send out the August weekly in these two days

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Report dated 10 August 2020
1.Aeasy optimize transfer record JSON to show the problem of incomplete
2.Aeasy may fail when optimizing transfer
3.Aeasy optimization high and dead interface card problem
4.Aeasy code structure optimization, synchronous data for 1 block
5. Investigate the extension of Aeasy contract interface and study the intelligent contract

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