[Active] AEKnow.org improvements and AEKnow.chain development proposal

Weekly report #3 Polish and release AEX9_AENS version of AEKnow.chain(2020.06.15~2020.06.21)

# Content Project Time
1 Pulish aex9 token to be listed at aeknow.org by one click AEKnow.chain ~3 h
2 Single token’s balance API and UI AEKnow.org+AEKnow.chain ~3 h
3 Add realtime spider to get the published new AEX-9 token information by tx payload AEKnow.org ~1 h
4 Improve some details, such as clean the code base, dns-prefetch, templates, default access address,APIs. AEKnow.chain ~3 h
5 Tune the performance of IPFS with Haeme AEKnow.chain ~1 h
6 Impove the speed of AENS list and operation AEKnow.chain ~2 h
7 Compile, pack and release the AEX9_AENS version for Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows, and update the README instructions AEKnow.chain ~3 h
8 Create the AEX-9 token check API and Polish the UI. AEKnow.org+AEKnow.chain ~2 h
9 Improve some details, such as login failed page and password error message page, special thanks to Maliang and Wuqian. AEKnow.chain ~2 h
Summary This week’s work mainly focuses on the polishing and releasing of AEX9_AENS version of AEKnow.chain, and the improving of AEX-9 related APIs of AEKnow.org. The Haeme of AEKnow.chain will be the main target in the next week. Participant: Liu Yang ~20 h

Weekly report #4 Improve Haeme (2020.06.22~2020.06.28)

# Content Project Time
1 Update /transaction to use new database. AEKnow.org ~1 h
2 Design new template for Newblog and Editblog AEKnow.chain ~3 h
3 Add abstract section for the new(view and edit) page as paper’s structure. AEKnow.chain ~3 h
Summary Some improvements had been made for AEKnow.chain. For the Dragon Boat Festival, there is not much work had been done in this week. The Haeme of AEKnow.chain will be the main target in the next week. Participant: Liu Yang ~7 h

Weekly report #5 Improve Haeme (2020.06.29~2020.07.05)

# Content Project Time
1 Fix the database error caused by spider, thanks Maliang. AEKnow.org ~1 h
2 Add Settings page to Haeme AEKnow.chain ~1 h
3 Investigate big seed files‘ storage: Tencent COS, Aliyun COS and JuiceFS. AEKnow.chain ~5 h
4 Each account use standalone ipfs repo, not finish yet AEKnow.chain ~11 h
Summary Each account using standalone is the hard part of this week, and there are still bugs to be fixed. At the booting stage of AEKnow.chain, IPFS+central cloud storgae(backup at the seed node) might be a stable way for users to get the proper data. The Haeme of AEKnow.chain will still be the main target in the next week. Participant: Liu Yang ~18 h

Weekly report #5-#6 Improve Haeme (2020.07.06~2020.07.19)

# Content Project Time
1 Reconstruct AEKnow.chain, split aeknow.chain to two independent repos: IPFS backend and AEKnow.chain Web UI; now each account has it’s own IPFS repo. AEKnow.chain ~36 h
2 Settings of the Haeme site AEKnow.chain. ~3 h
3 Polish the Edit page such as Page description,head, and layout AEKnow.chain. ~4 h
Summary Considering the complexity of the Haeme and the heavy coding of IPFS, AEKnow.chain has been Reconstructed. The Haeme of AEKnow.chain will still be the main target in the next week. Participant: Liu Yang ~43 h

Hi @LiuYang.chain

Always good to read your reports.

Could you please share the reports for August as well?

Thank you.



Summer holiday report, improving Haeme (2020.07.20~2020.09.01)

# Content Project Time
1 Fix the search bug of Haeme AEKnow.chain ~1 h
2 Add “Last Version” function for recording the history of the page by using IPFS hash. AEKnow.chain ~ 4 h
3 Fix katex load issue. AEKnow.chain ~1 h
4 Tip direcly in page with AE AEKnow.chain ~2 h
5 Support Katex in editing and rendering. AEKnow.chain ~3 h
6 Use IPFS API to listen the pubsub message AEKnow.chain ~4 h
7 Add encrypt & decrypt message functions by using AE’s account. AEKnow.chain ~6 h
Summary The past 1.5 month is the children’s summer holiday, there is not much spare time for coding, and it’s back to the normal track now. The Haeme of AEKnow.chain will still be the main target in the next week. Participant: Liu Yang ~21 h

Monthly report, improving Haeme (2020.09.02~2020.10.12)

# Content Project Time
1 Post update infomation to pubsub AEKnow.chain ~4h
2 Pin(Store) the updated site from pubsub AEKnow.chain ~8h
3 Build .chain web browser for Windows(.Net) and Linux(PyQT5) AEKnow.chain ~70 h
Summary Since the .chain site should be accepted by the non-tech users, a simple .chain web browser is necessary, so I built a primitive web browser. And the browser will be polished in the next month Participant: Liu Yang ~82h

.chain web browser(.Net)

.chain web browser(PyQt5)


Monthly report, Re design the backend and frontend (2020.10.12~2020.11.30)

# Content Project Time
1 The backend was re-designed the structure and sqlite3 was used as database AEKnow.chain ~80h
2 A preliminary implementation of .Net frontend with multimedia player(AEKPlayer) which can load media from ipfs network directly(https://github.com/jdgcs/aeknow.chain/tree/master/FrontEnd) AEKnow.chain ~60 h
Summary It’s a heavy re-design this month, and the basic structure should be solid for the future application. Participant: Liu Yang ~140 h


Hi @LiuYang.chain! I wonder if it would be possible to display all existing AEX-9 tokens as a subcategory in the AEknow.org menu? This would greatly help everyone in the æcosystem to visualize all their tokens created on the æternity blockchain! :slight_smile:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-03 um 14.53.41

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Thanks~noted : https://github.com/jdgcs/aeknow/issues/29

I’ll build a standalone channel in the next version.


Thanks @LiuYang.chain this is great to hear! When do you expect to be on the next version? I’d like to include this in our timeline and also mention it when it is live.

Thanks again!



The beta version of AEKnow.chain should be finished before 2021, then I can focus on aeknow.org for a while. Hope that a big improved version of aeknow.org could be online before Feb. 2021.


Wonderful. Thanks for updating so quickly!

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You are welcome!

Any other requests, please let me know!

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@ LiuYang.chain @erik.chain I would like to ask why when I visit the AEKnow.org block browser, the transaction display time is delayed for several hours relative to the time at that time, while ETH’s is basically synchronous.

The default time at aeknow.org is UTC time, for Chinese, the time is UTC+8

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I hope AEKnow can add tag or label to scammer, phisher or attacker address.

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It’s not easy to get the solid evidence, but scammers related accounts are welcome to be reported to aeknow!

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Beta version is online, feedbacks are welcom!


Thanks for this amazing update @LiuYang.chain! Though if I try to open all AEX-9 contracts, it’s an empty page and says “building”, I guess it takes some time to load?

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