[Active] AEKnow.org improvements and AEKnow.chain development proposal

All other contracts is stilling under crawling, they should be in the database and listed in the nex few days.



Lots of things had happened during this time, but AEKnow.org and AEKonw.chain always keep moving forward. Here is a brief:

  • AEX9 token is fully supported now, from the fromt-end(AEKnow.org) , back-end(airdroping tools) and wallet(AEBox @Baixin.chain and AEKnow.chain wallet ). And a standalone AEX-9 token channel is online.
  • Improve the spiders’ performance of AEKnow.org, especially the AEX9 spider.
  • Improved the Oralce channel in AEKnow.org.
  • Helped tracking and fighting back the 51% hacker; it might be the first successful fighting back against 51% attackers in the blockchain history. Nice cooperation among the team, community , mining pools and exchanges.
  • Helped building @LiuShao 's WeTrue community and @Redcan’s AENS community.
  • A massively AEX9 airdroping tool had beed developed and used by WTT(WeTrue) and AEG, it will released later.
  • AEKnow.chain derived wallet had been released several times. Windows, Linux, OpenBSD and Raspberry Pi(ARM64) are supported, as AEKnow.chain will do(https://github.com/jdgcs/aeknow.chain/releases).
  • AEKnow.chain had been changed to AENS+IPFS+IPNS+Sqlite solution(removed Hugo), and some “Always Online” low power consuming hardware(AEKNode) solutions had been tested. Pictures are below:

Solution1: RK3328/1G RAM/500G SSHD / cost ~80$

Solution2: RK3308/512M RAM/320G SSHD /cost ~60$

Solution3:H616/1G RAM/128 G SSD/cost ~60$(abandoned for high heat)


Thank you so much for integrating the AEX-9 tokens in AEknow.org! :clap::clap: This will surely help many projects to make their new tokens on æternity blockchain more visible :smiley: