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Application Status

Status: Approved on the 08.07.2021, submitted on the 01.07.2021
Last updated: new on the 01.07.2021
Team:AEVegas Team
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Planned Delivery: Continuous development and update

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Open Source Development

Application Title

  • A decentralized prediction market aepp, smart contract + oracle. new era products


Bai Xin - Github

Value Application

In the traditional Internet, people can use legal tender to prediction market, such as the World Cup, lottery, etc. In the blockchain world, we can use smart contracts and oracle to reform the prediction market industry and promote the 2.0 development of the entire prediction market industry

We will change the entire prediction market industry, making the entire prediction market industry digital and distributed.
After using Aeterinty, there is no difference between Aeterinty and centralized APP, with low cost and fast speed
There are many ways to gain from using smart contracts and Oracle

We are working in sync with Oracle2.0, and we will be using its technology to get market results quickly

Definition of Terms

it app is a prediction market, the content is more than just a football or lottery, is the whole world, such as the Olympic Games gold medal number, the World Cup, the NBA championship, even AE price forecasting, etc., is a prediction market software and content from various aspects, use aetericty chain technology always run in the aeternity in the chain, it will be a good example and viral applications. It also contributes to the ecological development of Aeterinty. Winners share the prize pool and pay part of the fees to Oracle vendors, which is a win-win in many ways.

Status Quo

It’s a hackathon project, and we plan to do the WEB version, and then we plan to do the mobile version, and then we plan to integrate Vegas into the superheroes.
The development of the WEB version is currently in the prototyping phase

Required Work

  • Prototyping for the Web version
  • Code development for the Web version
  • Prototyping for the mobile version
  • Code development for mobile versions


The first stage

  • We plan to design work for the WEB version plus code development approximately required 1000h

The second stage

  • We plan to design work for the MOBILE version plus code development approximately required 800h

The third stage

  • Integrate into Superheroes 300h

Each stage is an independent product, including design, development, testing, etc
And later will parallel repair BUG stage, and update maintenance

Known Limitations

Restrictions have been basically solved, offline and Yanni communication


Let’s just say that since the app was created, the total number of users and on-chain transactions in AE has exploded

The technology of AE will be discovered by more people, and the price will multiply

I’m not bragging, I’m serious


The project belongs to Superheroes Inc.
Code library: GitHub - Superhero-com/superhero-vegas: A decentralized Market forecast aepp, smart contract + oracle. new era products


The project is a continuing project that will be updated and maintained all the time


niubi plus :+1:

既然是中国人就用中文回复你了 白鑫厉害了 :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

This application market has great potential, and the era of explosive growth of users may be coming. Please fasten your seat belt, and we will take off at any time.

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this is gambling app correct?

It is prediction market

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Dear @Baixin.chain, thank you for your very promising work. Your application has been approved by ACF.