And a simple way (ideally graphics and numbers) to follow the statistics of the general development for every simple user to understand and compare with the roadmap implementation and evolution would be great too.

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@Bigtree.chain The address ending with MNYK does not belong to the foundation. Pease do not spread rumors and check the information before posting.


As far as I know, the address ending in 4yJu belongs to the foundation. The address ending in MNYK and the address ending in 4yJu have a transaction of 1.2 million ae. Whose address does that end in 4yJu?

Now all blockchains are doing defi and nft. Of course, these projects are also indispensable in the aeternity ecosystem. These are also very important in the ecosystem. In addition, I hope that the aeternity ecosystem can be Open up a new track, such as private social, or projects that are not available on other blockchains, and let new projects lead the popularity of blockchain.


I think that is very important to maintain the focus on the advantages that aeternity Blockchain has. There are a lot of projects competing for the same things and if we are going to take a look at each of them, we just lost time and energy.
I believe that we need to try the best of us and our blockchain capabilities to bring solutions with the identity we desire.
Too much info around makes difficult to stay focus. That is the challenge at these days.
I was thinking on … Feel identified without been identified. :sunglasses:


Ae needs to develop faster, with stronger, better-known capital backing

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The future will be more beautiful, I hope the team can proceed according to schedule, to success


Price is not the best factor to evaluate a project, but ae’s market value has fallen out of the top200 and is increasingly out of sight.


If we talk about price a see the best price to accumulate AE under 1 usdt and maybe start selling above 100 usdt. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
About team. We are the team. We are all together into this.
There are people more deep involved, with a lot of time with a lot of time and work dedicated to the AEproject. Thank to them we are where we are. If we want different thing happens, we need to do different things. Let’s build together, the collaboration program aeUnited is about that. A lot of tools, help from the deep involved members to " Bring ideas to life" ,
Some economical support from the aeternity foundation.
The wind blow in our favor. It’s time to undertake what we want. And don’t worry about the price. Sooner or later will react. It’s a fact.
The gates are open for us to create new values from the thing air. New tokens, dapps, NFTs, games, etc.
We need to thank the team and add ideas/work/energy/art to create on the aeternity blockchain the future of the today’s world

Let’s do this, together!


Self-hypnosis is not a good option


Self-hypnosis is not a good option,Keep it real

Every person feels as it feels.
I am taking notes on ideas I have got. I want to share ideas with the community and make them into facts, real dapps or maybe extensions for SH wallet but I see a lot of potential there. I try to be at every jaem that I can. I share talks there and enjoy them a lot. That is real for me.
And I can assure you that people is working, and a lot and with best wishes.
So, I don’t know what reality do you live in but…you are welcome to enjoy the weekly jaems session to talk about you desire or maybe… Just listen what we are working on… And maybe then … We could see a similar reality and talk about building together. :sunglasses:



There is no factual basis for what you imagine.
How many investors did AE harm :sleepy:


AEternity don’t drive prices to harm investors. That is a thing of market makers. Big exchanges, news, paid influencers, etc. AE is an infrastructure on building process. Build infrastructure take its time and the project is ambicious. But if we continue working, price will go up at any moment.


Thank you for the valuable input and ideas, feedback and criticism.

This survey is now officially closed, your input will be synthesised and you can check back here on the thread later to view the aggregated material.

Until then, don’t forget to take the Magenta pill.