Ae donation in ae token


Hello @all am kindly soliciting for AE Donations to help me buy a projector projector :film_projector: and a camera. :camera_flash:
These Items are specifically to help me in ambassadorship program. Currently am using services of not a good quality as am approaching to begin approaching Telecommunication companies , big Institutions such as schools and Universities, government Institutions basically spreading the word of aeternity blockchain and finding partnerships for our aeternity use cases.
To my opinion, I think I should have these gadgets of good quality however currently the pockets are drained they need some AE donations from Good Samaritans.
Anyone’s response and help will be highly appreciated
Donations accepted only in AE

AE Address: ak_Zwv9177g5e2Kgdu6MWhCdPfbGaQWTorv1UGom7qDi2vKz5YUB

Eth Address (AE ERC20 token)
Thank you.
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: