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Status: Submitted on the 25.01.2023
Last updated: 25.01.2023
Submited by First Name, Last Name: Dimitar Ivanov
Team: Craig Everett, Sean Hinde, Dimitar Ivanov, Hans Svensson, Dincho Todorov, Ulf Wiger, Metin Akat, Rumiana Akat
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Open Source Development

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Core team application January-March 2023


Aeternity core developers team.

Value Application

During the first quarter, our main task will still be the HyperChains implementation. We expect to have a working version by the end of this application.

We will also be working on various ongoing tasks:

  • GC of old states
  • Network monitoring tool
  • MESS Protocol
  • Plugin System
  • Dev Mode
  • Support for SC use cases
  • JS SDK

Status Quo


They are our top priority. We are working towards adding:

  • collection of commitments and feeding them to a smart contract in order to elect the next leader
  • difficulty computation
  • improving the release process

GC of old states

GC old states were discussed and exploratory work has been done, but needs to be finished and released.

Network monitoring tool

The network monitoring tool is designed to inspect network connectivity of the nodes. It can be used to monitor what happens if some peer nodes are taken down.

MESS Protocol

In a broader sense, this is about improving resistance against attacks in general. A modified version of the MESS protocol is one interesting path. Another area we have glanced at is Byzantine Voting Protocols, for which an Erlang implementation actually already exists (Honeybadger BFT, used by the Helium blockchain).

Plugin System

Improvements in build, packaging and internal APIs are underway, and need to be documented and improved upon the feedback from actual uses.

Dev Mode

A number of feature requests have been made from the tools team, and need to be considered. A WIP task is support for provisioning pre-funded accounts for dev mode.


We will explore a more minimal approach to the SDK

Required Work

Once we have enough features implemented, we will make official releases.


We would be working full time on this, although some of the team (Hans, Michal and Craig) already have other commitments and would help us depending on their availability.

Known Limitations

Although we aim at delivering fully functional HCs, there will be a lot to be improved there.


HCs is something we had promised long ago. It will be great to deliver a working version.


We publish our work in the official AE repositories.