AE Ventures on a Roadtrip

Hello everyone :sunny:

Did you hear that the AE Ventures team have embarked on a journey to promote Starfleet? :rocket:

Meet them all around Europe and learn how to get your blockchain startup funded :stuck_out_tongue:

Two successful meetups have already been held in Istanbul and Tallinn and the team is heading to Bucharest tonight :sunglasses:

The roadtrip continues as follows:

03.10.2019 โ€” Cluj Napoca, Romania

03.10.2019 โ€” Zagreb, Croatia

04.10.2019 โ€” Helsinki, Finland

05.10.2019 โ€” Ljubljana, Slovenia

07.10.2019 โ€” Bratislava, Slovakia

07.10.2019 โ€” Utrecht, The Netherlands

08.10.2019 โ€” Krakow, Poland

14.10.2019 โ€” Yerevan, Armenia

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