Æcon conference 2019


Dear community,

æternity is planning an æternity focused conference this year.
We have prepared a first draft of the agenda, and invite you to give us feedback.
In addition, we ask you to suggest topics, which you would like to present during the Æcon.

Agenda draft - Two tracks

1) Developers track


Keynote: Aepps ecosystem current state
Further topics

  • Blockchain Gateways, Infrastructure and SDKs (John)(Andree)
  • Blockchain Application Development and Debugging (George)
  • Wallet, Aepp Browers and Identity (Piwo)(Stoyan)(aepps Team)(Phillip Klein)
  • Drone Aepp (Keno)(piwo)
  • Documentation hub (Pegah)(Nikita)
  • Bonding curves (Sacha)
  • Sophia (PiWo) (Hans)(Ulf Norell)(martin/lime chain)


Keynote: Protocol current state (Sergei) and roadmap
Further topics

  • FATE VM (Erik)
  • Gen. Accounts
  • State Channel (Ulf Wiger)
  • Pool / Decentralized mining (Michal)
  • Naming Sytem - Introdcution - End of Test-Name-space - Start of name space auctions

Keynote : Next steps - What is æternity’s product/protocol roadmap

**Workshop: Introduction to Sophia Programming **

We could have a second day with community topics. If you have a suggestion, please comment in the forum

2) Entrepreneur track

  • Luka Sucic “æternity Ecosystem”
  • Nikola Stojanow - “aeternity partnerships”

æternity ventures

  • Luka Sucic: Investment approach and how to get funding from æternity
  • Panel æternity investments

Liechtenstein part

  • Social Responsibility - Liechtenstein foundation
  • Regulation by Liechtenstein government
  • House of Blockchain by Mattia

æternity starfleet 1

Keynote: Steffy Starfleet criteria, and what it takes to become successful in blockchain

3 presentations of use cases of Starfleet 1:

  • UTU Technologies: Jason Eisen from Kenya
  • AMPNET: Croatian team (green peace)
  • WeiDex - Decentralized exchange (Bg team - Tito Titov)

æternity in Latin America - Pablo

Showcase of Starfleet 2

  • 5-7 teams: 10-15 min each for presenting including Q&A

Keynote: Foundation Bulgaria - supporting the Balkans - 10- 15min

Workshop - How to find your businesses’ blockchain angle - Is blockchain right for your business**

We could have a second day with community topics. If you have a suggestion, please comment in the forum


are you already targeting a specific location/country for that conference?


Hey @marc0olo,

The current locations that are being considered are Berlin, Malta, and Prague. Which one do you prefer? :slight_smile:



as I am based in germany I prefer Berlin :slight_smile: … but all 3 locations are ok for me. I need to take a flight anyway :smiley:


Where are you based? Have you already been to one of our meetups?


I am based in Stuttgart and yesterday there was a first meetup here where I presented æternity :slight_smile:

where are you from? hamburg?


I’m from Munich, but after Berlin, Moscow, I now live in London :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I’ve seen your presentation! Well done. Erik shared it on our wire channels.
Did any of the attendants join the forum?


not (yet) I think. but cannot tell for sure whether someone already joined. planning to have some technical meetups in the future to showcase all features and not only talk about them :smiley: