AEKnow.chain FAQ topic

As the topic The framework of the AE-based decentralized SNS is almost done mentioned, this new project is named AEKnow.chain.

A very rough version package and code:

This topic is planned to be the online FAQ topic of AEKnow.chain.

There are mainly 5 parts of AEKnow.chain:

  1. Assets. Managing AE, AENS, AEX-9 tokens and Contracts, which is available for users.
    2.Haeme. Building decentralized website(especially blog) with AENS and IPFS, which is available for users.
  2. Chaet. Chatting with AENS name or AK_ address directly, which is in very early stage.
  3. Files. Sharing or selling digital files(or data), which is not implemented.
  4. Messages. A decentralized long message system like email, which is not implemented.

The AEKnow,chain is still in very early stage, mainly for technical demonstration. Only the assets management functions could be used for emergency, such as the AENS name update these days.


This is really exciting. The AE Chinese community is becoming stronger.

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Thanks~ Hope that the awesome AENS could be used widely, since now.

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When can we use aeknow.chain?

There is a rough version we can try now :smiley::

Great, I will provide some feedback as soon as possible.


Thanks very much!

Great, come on.

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Fantastic! Come on bro

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I encountered a problem of not starting when testing The operating system is 64-bit win10.

The console is just running fine.

But sorry that there is a bug when using IE, it can not login with the address http://localhost:8888

Using the address or using Chrome, Firefox as browser.

Thanks, I have solved the problem.

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