AEKnow Hashrate Disconnect



I’m taking a look at AEKnow and I noticed that there’s a disconnect in the pool hashrates reported by mining pools and the global network hashrate reported in AEKnow. I’m new to cuckoo - was hoping that somebody could help me understand what I’m looking at.


beepool current pool hashrate as of writing this post is 22.31 Mhs.
AEKnown as of writing this post reports beepool as 2.231 Mhs.

Is there something I’m not understanding? Is the global hashrate higher than reported?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for your attention!

You are very careful~there is a x10 difference because of calculation method between beepool and f2pool.

I confirmed the difference with Mr. Wang of Beepool from the begnning.


Liu Yang


Thank you for the response, Liu.

To verify: the total hashrate of Beepool is 2.231 Mhs, correct? It is not 22.31 Mhs?

I want to make sure that I’m interpreting your response correctly and no changes will be made to AEKnow to report a different hashrate for Beepool. :slight_smile:


Yes, you are welcome!


beepool’s hashrate is also right, according to their calculation.

only a different way between beepool and f2pool.