Aens Market final report

Hello, everyone

Let me summarize some of the Aens Market final reports over the past few months

App Title

Aens Market

App Description and Link to the Grant Application

Description: AENS Distributed OTC System
link: [Active] Distributed otc domain name trading system


  1. Completed the development of smart contract in the early stage
  2. Completed the application integration and SDK reconstruction of BoxWallet in the interim
  3. Write a test program to test the contract
  4. Fix some user feedback problems

Summary of the Development with time report

As the improvement of AE ecology is getting higher and higher,JS-SDK has also integrated an internal editor and AEProject has been upgraded. Besides, I have been developing AE ecology for a long time, so there are almost no difficulties for me now


1.There are still some challenges in terms of contract difficulty


We tried to consult various resources and translate various documents, finally completed the development and testing, and became more familiar with using AEProject products


We open source the code so that more people can see it without solving the same problem over and over again

What can be improved?

It feels like smart contract scalability can also be enhanced, which is something we will consider doing later

Documentation and Video with links

This is the location of the source code, which is well documented

Contacts details for future questions of the community

In the AE community in any place I want to can contact with me, because I in any place, including the Telegram, Discord, QQ, WeChat, Email, forum.If the time difference is within the range of China, I will reply immediately. If the time difference is within the range of Europe, I will reply within 24 hours

This is the final report of AensMarket. I will follow up and fix the problems and code maintenance of the project later. Thank you to the foundation and the community


Hey @Baixin.chain,

can you provide an interface for the contract and maybe also some diagram which shows the general concept in more detail? I would really like to better understand how trading AENS names would work without having to look into the code to find out.

That would make it easier to look into the right spots in the Sophia code.

Cool to see sth. happening on the AENS marketplace front! :slight_smile:

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Of course,
I’ll just sort it out and send it out