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Everyone can be a Superhero.


I’m already a superhero~

My Superhero ID: ak_ZdB1tZuxmK1ET1uaMWSDw3Dos7aYDUy1bijsYAdpQCA5EuVaa


Can AEknow check the ae token sent by Superhero. I know that the AE token is transferred through a smart contract.


Thank you~ AEKnow.org will support decoding some information of Superhero, there is a brief plan in the slides here: Brief Introduction of AEKnow.org and AEKnow.chain in SuperheroLeague China #1

You could only check the tip amount, such as: https://www.aeknow.org/block/transaction/th_21WxwZc6qpTsJwYazBkSCTuM8dRKoRcGsky66L44SUns4QtHiR

amount 2.0521e+19 means that 20.521 AE was tipped.

It’s not like the mechanism of AEX-9 Token: https://www.aeknow.org/block/transaction/th_24khbg4tcHKyt1S7cgYnuK5SjPTbRJguerFHRPTeGFqKZgNg8i


Well done ae team. I really like the superhero idea, the wallet and layout, browser plugins. Everything to be honest. And a good base to build on.


@theScientress.chain When my article was commented by other users, I did not receive a notification. This affects the interaction between users, I think this is a problem that needs to be solved.


Thanks for pointing that out @BlackCat.chain, will investigate.



Awesome aepp, is there a registry for verified URLs?

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my question is => how to get verified or “appear as verified” in the Superhero extension?


“Verified” URLs are simply URLs that have already been claimed by a Superhero user–meaning somebody has added their Superhero wallet address to it and claimed tips.

Once you add your wallet address and successfully claim a tip from a URL, it becomes Verified. I agree this term needs to be improved. “Verified” is not really the accurate term.

Could be just be marked as a “Superhero URL” or something. Any suggestions for the term?

I think the question is what we want to achieve here. for pure URLs it’s specifically difficult when tips are sent to tweets.

are people interested more in whether the owner of the domain/profile is verified or whether a tip for the same URL has already been claimed?

currently it’s quite confusing I think.

Are you speaking in the context of identity verification? I think this would have to be somewhere farther down the roadmap. Not sure how complex it is to make. But I know identities have a really large range of use cases so definitely something to think about.

no I mean if I think about “verified” in the context we describe then where should this information be collected from?

  • profile / domain
  • URL

let’s take twitter as example. a person tweets 10 times a day and 7/10 tweets each receive a tip. for 0/10 tippers the “profile” would be marked as verified although we know that the recipient received the tip for the previous tweets.

I don’t know what’s the best way. maybe this “verified” marker should be discarded in general :smiley:

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That was my thought as well. :laughing:

Good afternoon,

I have some doubts about the use of the donations button:

  1. Can I prefix the amount?
  2. I did a test to understand the system by sending 1 AE and it was deducted from my account, it was sent to the contract, but it has not yet reached my other account, where it arrives and how it is withdrawn, I gave the button to claim tip and he threw this message at me, but that was 3 days ago and nothing has come yet, what am I doing wrong.
  3. What is “verification”, I have tried several times and it always appears as Not verified.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you

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Your name cashflag.chain does not have pointers to an account, so the oracles cannot resolve it and rely the tips when you try claiming.


Try setting pointer to your account and then try claiming again.


Thank you @milenradkov.chain

I already corrected the error, can you help me with the other two questions:

  1. Can I prefix the amount?
  2. What is “verification”?
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do we have brand-materials somewhere to download? (logos, etc.)

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