Æpply Here! (link)


Hi everyone!

I’m Julio Alejandro, in charge of aeternity’s Ambassador Program :smiley:

Thrilled to join our community? Begin here: https://goo.gl/anccWG ; let us know more about your interests, your desires, and your potential to grow this project. Fill-in our Application Form and let’s schedule a call.

Remember I can also be emailed at [email protected] ; at your service! :smiley:

Global Ambassador & Spokesperson of aeternity


I sent my application about a month ago but no answer :frowning: I hope aeternity will have a large community in my Country!


Hi Julio,

I’m working between Gibraltar; Spain; Portugal and Ireland - where do you most need another ambassador ?

Cheers: Saludos: cumprimentos: slan


Que onda Sheila! Buena vibra :smiley:

In the city/region where you feel best organized and with easier logistics to be recurrent. With limited information, Gibraltar sounds very cool, but why don’t we have a quick chat about it?

When would it be a good? Could you send us a flexible Calendar for next week, likely Wednesday or Thursday? Both to me [email protected] and [email protected]

It’ll be wonderful to connect with you and it’ll be a pleasure to have you on board. Let’s make dreams be reality Sheila.



HI TEAM, I hope you will come to Asia and the Chinese market to do publicity, many Chinese virtual currency investors do not understand the AE, and hope that the team and some media cooperation to promote AE, so that more people to understand the AE