Æpps Update: Middle of June


Hello everyone,

Our æpps team is making steady progress on simultaneously creating a synergistic connection between the æpps ecosystem and the Testnet (and soon Mainnet) endpoints with the aim of providing the most intuitive and seamless experience for both developers and users of blockchain technology.

Check out our latest æpps update to learn more about the new features of our Base æpp (formerly known as the identity manager).

Best regards,
The AE Team


I wonder about the functionality of social recovery.
Social recovery looks like recovering my account for other 3 people.
Please let me know more detail of its functionality.


Hey AE_Holic

The social recovery feature will allow you to restore a lost wallet through friends.
When you choose to use it, a backup of your wallet will be split and shared between three contacts. Ideally you want to choose people that you trust, like close friends and family. In a cooperate setup, the backup contacts can also be trusted business partners or colleagues with whom you share responsibilities.

One contact alone can not restore your wallet with her part of the backup alone. The wallet can only be restored with the combined information from all the contacts involved.
It’s not mandatory, that the backup partners know about each other. But if they do, they could gain access to the wallet in case the creator of the wallet becomes unavailable.

Social recovery is safe unless you choose partners that know about each other and have a common interest to betray you.


Hi, Philipp

Thank for your kindness explain.
I fully understand of its functionality.