AEproject Improvements Proposal

AEproject Improvements Proposal

Project Description

Developers in the AEternity Ecosystem need a cli tool that will boost their development process. A framework that takes care of spawning node, compiler, deploy smart contracts, run tests and more. AEproject does all of this, of course, there are some things that can be improved for the ultimate development experience

Improvements List

Currently, we can propose 3 different areas for improvement:

AEproject core improvement, community & protocol support

  • Support Token Migration

Windows Support
Currently aeproejct is working on windows and it has documentation for requirements for windows usage.
Still, there are some reports from users for issues that we need to investigate. We propose to invest time and trying to reproduce their issues. That will include working closely with the community.

Coffee Shop State Channels Showcase Aepp
Currently the project is outdated. The work needed to be up and running is:

  • Create and aeternity node in the cloud and sync it. The node must has state channels ports exposed.
  • Update the project supporting latest version of SDK, Node and compiler

Blockers / Known Limitations

Hosting a node on AWS was a bit problematic. Starting from scratch on different cloud provider will probably solve the issues.


AEproject core improvement, community & protocol support

  • 1-2 days

Windows Support

  • 3-4 days

Coffee Shop State Channels Showcase Aepp

  • 2-3 days (without the time needed to sync the node)

Note: This is for one 1.0 developer. We can include up to 1.5 developers into the process.


The proposals are already discussed with the community, and we believe that will help and boost their experience and development process. Updating to the latest version of dependencies and fixing bugs is a must for maintaining a tool. Compatibility functionality will save lots of time and struggle for developers. Minutae Cli is probably the most needed functionality for developers currently. Using the current versions of the node can be frustrating.

Next Steps

Improvements must be approved by the Foundation @emin.chain . Once we have agreement on that the process can start.


Time will be tracked on Clockify. Updates will be provided on the forum.


Could you please resubmit your Application according to the new requirement and template?