AES - aeternity stable coin is not supported anymore

Hey, AE community!

I want to make an official announcement that AES(Aeterntiy Stable Coin) project is closed.

Project was released in the summer of 2020, but during its short life (4-5 months) we had TVL of $300 and very low activity, therefore we decided to stop the project.

Now, the page is officially down(

We tried to bring back the funds of every user that have locked DAI in order to mint AES.

If someone has deposited DAI and now holds AES, you can contact me.

You can send the AES tokens to my address and I will send you DAI, please pm me before that.

Thank you and excuse us,

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It is regrettable!

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Inefficient teams not only hurt investors, but also failed developers.

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I always thought this feature was still working. Why did it fail?

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Sad news, insufficient traffic is now the bottleneck of Aeterntiy.