AE's "satoshis" - What to call them?


Why not just “satoshis”.
Everybody says: “Send some satoshis” or “What is the name of their satoshis?”.
Already everybody knows what satoshis are - the smallest unit of a coin.


I love your suggestions, guys :slight_smile:


What about AETOSHIS ?


Aetoms / Atoms sound most reasonable and non-random.
How do you guys actually properly pronounce aeternity (and therefore aetoms)?


I have heard ae pronounced as eternity


good good good goood


How about Ternie or Ternies or Terni?

Or Tern/Terns?


nitys … give me 500 nitys


Correct, is there a different way to pronounce it?


I also like ætoms!


aero should be called


Hey guys! Just to inform you all - the team is now primarily using “ætto” as the smallest AE unit. ættos is plural :slight_smile:


Is the smallest unit actually an Atto? As in:

0.000000000000000001 ?

Because that would be awesome.


I like the name of “atom”, haha


This is not bad.
Atom imply it is a smallest unit. But “ætom” may be better.


Yes :slight_smile: That’s it. That’s the ætto.


What about “quAEntum”, since a quantum represents a measure or bit of information or bit of time or bit of energy or… a bit of everything or of aeternity :wink:


Haha, makes sense, but the team decided on the “ætto” :slight_smile:


“quAEntum” could also have been shortened -> “quaent(s)”
pitty, that I missed that thread
butt aetto is also nice :grin:


1 aetto = 0.000000000000000001
1 faemto = 0.000000000000001
1 paeco = 0.000000000001
1 naeno = 0.000000001
1 maecro = 0.000001
1 millae = 0.001