Æternity attended the elixir conf latam

We flew from Bogota to Medellin to attend the elixir conf latam.
We thought we could attend both events: the workshop and the conference, but unfortunately, all workshop tickets were sold out.

Our objective was to meet with the Latin American elixir-erlang community, and of course, tell them about our amazing project Æternity. We try to find space maybe a workshop or a keynote to explain to the community the Æternuty ecosystem but the event was so close, eventually, we accomplished this talking directly with attendants, speakers, and recruiters, between coffee breaks and at the end of the event.

The elixir-erlang community who attended this event were about 60 people most of them are developers and recruiters, I realized that this kind of skills has a huge demand.

The keynotes were technical and focused on topics like distributed Systems, BEAM Architecture, elixir, erlang, go, OTP and so on.

I realized that nobody knew about blockchain actually, I only heard one person refer to this, the community doesn’t have any idea about what is blockchain or what Æternity is, it was an excellent opportunity to interact with the attendants and speakers and giving them enough information about Æternity.

Finally, we met with the elixir staff, and we talked about how Æternity could have a better space for the next conference.

We are working to grow up our amazing community.