Aeternity branded mask 3d files

Hi everysoul!!

Hope you are safe wearing your masks to protect yourself and others and f…g facial recognition systems.But…

If we have to wear masks let’s have some cool ones!!

Sharing hereby 3 .stl files with the three pieces to make your own aeternity branded 3d printed masks.

This is how they look like ;))

You can just print these files at your local 3d shop or with your own 3d printer, and have the aeternity logo stopping COVID19 for you and your peers :)))

Pro tip:

Making the cover with glow filament it is even cooler :))

Aeternitymask cover.stl (286.7 KB) Filter_standard_connector.stl (417.2 KB) Mask_body_M_thin.stl (2.2 MB)