Aeternity Crypto Foundation Grant Application Process

The æternity Crypto Foundation (ACF) is a nonprofit organization established in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The charitable foundation supports open source development of the aeternity protocol and its surrounding ecosystems. With focus on blockchain technology, the organization is committed to promote technical excellence and user-friendly applications. Learn more about the aeternity crypto foundation here.

The ACF announces a new transparency initiative to involve the aeternity community into the decision making and application process for grants and donations.

In order to apply for foundation grant or donations you need to make introduce yourself and your team to the forum and propose your application for a discussion in the forum.

The forum will be the main place to inform the community and show transparency around foundation grants and donations.

We believe that transparency and open discussions are the base for a healthy relationship between users, developers, miners, token holders and everyone interested in the long term existence and stability of the aeternity protocol and ecosystem.

Over the past year, the ACF has received and reviewed more than 100 applications within the funding categories :

Open source development

Such as: Core Development Team Extension with Tino Breddin

Research and Education

Such as: Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

Community growth

Such as: aembassador Programm

Culture and Art

Such as: The Graffiti aepp

The ACF Board decides about approval of applications, according to the foundation’s statues.

In order to apply for a grant, the contributors must fill out the grant application template and present themselves and their proposed applications to the forum. Please read first the How To Apply.

The ACF Board likes to improve the application, evaluation and ruling process and establish an open discussion and evaluation of grant applications. The application process is similar to the successful process of the CBC (Community Building Campaigns) defined by the following way:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Introduce yourself to the Forum
  3. Add your new Aplication as a Topic to the Forums Grant Applications using the mandatory Grant Application Template.
  4. Be responsive and answer all questions within your forum topic during evaluation .
  5. During the active stage, post weekly progress report into your forum topic.
  6. Once completed, publish all your results and a report within your forum topic.

The whole forum process will be bundled within one forum topic (the initial topic created during the proposal). An example of a public community campaign can be seen here.

Stage 1 [DRAFT] - create a new topic in the forum and post your Application

The process starts with stage 3: an open new Application and filled in the Template.
All questions are should be answered as far as possible. If all questions are answered in a sufficient manner, the application will be moved to stage 2: evaluation .

Stage 2 [EVALUATION] - answer all questions within your forum topic

The evaluation stage gives everyone in the aeternity community and the board members of the ACF the chance to ask in-depth questions. After the feedback period and if all open questions got answered, the ACF decides to openly reject the application or proceed with the setup of a term sheet and board ruling.

  1. Around 2-4 weeks of feedback period. The feedback period is the most important step during the proposal process. The majority of community and experts must support the application. Larger high impact applications, such as the voting for the BRI, might use the governance aepp to signal support (votings are currently not binding but help to signal community support).
  2. Setup of a term sheet
  3. Foundation board ruling (approximately one week)

The foundation board will publish the results of the board decision and curator ruling. Afterwards the project will be moved to stage 3, if accepted, or the topic will be closed, if rejected or postponed.

The evaluation is conducted in accordance with the following criteria:

AE tokens from the Block Reward Initiative will be dedicated to æternity’s technical development

Open-source research relevance of the research project based on ACF research domains and disciplines;

originality of the aims and objectives;

suitability of the project, feasibility;

track record and expertise of the researchers;

complementarity of the research partners;

contribution to increasing open-source research capacities in the relevant research field; and

contribution towards raising gender awareness and promoting equal opportunities.

Stage 3 [ACTIVE] - post weekly updates within your forum topic

Every active project must publish weekly reports on their progress in the forum within their forum application topic. Each update must contain:

A progress report in layman’s terms

Time spent


Once completed, the project will move to stage 4: completed.

Stage 4 [COMPLETED] - post a final report into your forum topic

The majority of grants are paid out in monthly or quarterly instalments. In order to receive the final instalment (payment) of a grant or donation, the project owner must publish a final report and results of their work. The report must be detailed. The Software must be tested and kept UpToDate and working at least for a one year after the completed release. The form of the report is open. Some examples of final reports can be found here:

Core protocol contributions to state channels and sync

Governance aepp

State channel payments aepp

A full list of all past grants, reports, and donations can be found here.

Applications via email or the web form will be referred to


How To Apply” and “Introduce yourself to the Forum” links are not publicly available.

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How to apply: [HOWTO] Apply for a Grant from the Aeternity Crypto Foundation Liechtenstein

Introduce yourself:

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