Æternity Crypto Foundation Joins Erlang Ecosystem Foundation as Founding Member

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that æternity Crypto Foundation has joined the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation today as a founding member!

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the Erlang programming language and ensuring its continuous, long-term sustainable development.

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I believe that it is important that open source projects collaborate and support each other. Choosing the Erlang programming language for aeternity’s reference implementation had a big impact. Great talent from the Erlang ecosystem with decades of experience in writing high quality software inspired the creation of aeternity’s functional smart contract language Sophia and its very own type safe virtual machine FATE, which makes aeternity one of the safest and most efficient smart contract platforms today.

With joining the EEF as a founding member besides companies like WhatsApp, Klarna and others, we hope to contribute to the long term sustainable development of the Erlang ecosystem and discover new talent that it will attract.

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