Aeternity Decentralized Graffiti Aepp

Hello all,

I want to reintroduce the plan for the aeternity decentralized graffiti showcase. We are working on an aepp to facilitate decentralized collaborative artworks on aeternity. For this we start based of the idea we had earlier this year with the drone graffiti aepp, this time focused on a digital approach where everyone from the aeternity community will be able to participate. We will host a mainnet event of this at the aeternity universe conference to create a unique and immutable shared artwork with the community.

Current Status

We base our work of the repository we created earlier this year at but do some adjustments to update the smart contract and aepp to the latest aeternity tooling. Additionally we will polish the aepp to be better suited for a digital only representation.

Tech Details

The aepp allows for pictures to be transformed to an unique artistic style, with some estimation on complexity. More complex pictures will need a higher amount in the auction. Finally an svg file will be uploaded to ipfs to be available in a decentralized manor, while keeping the original input image private.

A reference to this artwork will be added to the graffiti auction smart contract on the aeternity blockchain. Each bid to this auctions includes complexity, coordinates, reference and amount. All bids will be accepted, but bids that are paying to low to fit in the available space, will be refunded to the participant.

All facets of this process are open-source, everyone is able to participate, verify and event to automate this process due to it’s public nature. So an immutable and public verifiable decentralized artwork will be created. The process is and will be further documented in the github repository. Due to this the aepp should also be an example for anybody else on what is needed to build a produc with great user experience on aeternity, with the tools that are provided.

The final aepp will be user friendly and well integrated in the base-aepp.

Visual Style Example

The following shows an artwork that was created in our testing sessions, to give an impression of visual style that can be achieved using this process.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions!

I’ll further update you on the development process and about the public roll-out of this for everyone to participate! Let me know if there are any questions


It’s very creative and I’m looking forward to it. I want to ask, when will the test version come out?


Thank you for your interest, I will definitely update here or in another thread when we’ll have a public test version. It will be soon!


Also looking forward to test this in the wild!


@xupei find some information on how to test here: Aeternity Graffiti Aepp Public Testing

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