Aeternity HyperChains General Roadmap and Release Schedule 2021

The Aeternity Foundation (ACF) supports the HyperChains (HC) protocol and its research and implementation.

We are announcing that the core team joined the hyperchains team for the hyperchains research and development.

Currently a review of the current hyperchains state and onboarding of the core team are still in progress. Due to the hyperchains growing complexity and an upgrade to iris a delay from the original plan had occurred. The developers still need time for the fine tuning of HC concept and the finishing of HC whitepaper.

The first hyperchains test network was created as a proof of concept. However, it needs further improvements before it can be presented to the community.

The general roadmap contains:

1. HC Testnets (current)

  • HC features and implementation of the protocol

  • Security Audits and Tests

  • Final HC Whitepaper

  • HC UI API and its implementation

2. Public HC Testnets

  • Public testing of the stability and functionality of the HC test networks

  • Security Audits

  • HC bug bounties

3. Maintenance

  • Planning of the HC releases with staking and their activation

  • Community Voting

Please note that it is just a general roadmap and we are using an agile approach. So please do not expect to get an detail analysis for the past activities on the hyperchains. We concentrate on the present state. However we refer to the previous posts on roadmap of @gorbak25 and @cytadela8 in the forum, see AE HC Roadmap - April and HC Report Mai-June. More discussions on HC can be found in Hyperchains - æforum.

Dynamically (agile) means the roadmap and the schedule will be updated with technical milestones and time. The agile approach is needed since we want to deliver a highly functional and secure software. The expectation of some ae users/devs to have a magic stick for creating fastly deliverable product (and if possible yesterday) are not supported from the foundation. The quality and the security have priority for us. We do not feel responsible for the promises on progress and time made by some developers. We encourage to communicate directly with them if you need such discussion.

ACF wants to provide a transparent and constructive approach for the hyperchains realization. We are happy to see the support of the ae community.

Since aeternity blockchain is permanently improving and running stable there is no urgent need for change. We are supporting the core devs for the multitasking work on hyperchains and core and some new devs for the hyperchains onboarding. The exchange of a stable running system with a new uncompleted and not tested one, just to fulfill the time pressure imposed by some users, can lead only to bad outcomes. A good software needs its time.

You are welcome to contact us under the Email: [email protected]

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The hyperchain has been delayed for a long time; I know it is very complex; but I hope the team gives manpower to achieve it as soon as possible


I don’t have a detailed schedule. When can I see it?

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Good news :clap: :clap: :clap:


When will the hyperchain be available? It’s frustrating to not have a detailed schedule.

As mentioned in the first post of this thread, the detailled release schedule will follow dynamically in this topic.


Hopefully this topic and whitepaper will be updated as soon as possible, along with the time nodes in the column, which will also give investors hope
For example, when will the white paper be published

Investors often want to see hope, and I think release time is hope

Otherwise, it is really difficult to wait indefinitely, and I do not know when the hyperchain will be online



Why can’t I see the time node of the task in the roadmap ????
I don’t think this is a roadmap. It’s just a simple description of hyper chains.

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It is truethis has been posted before.gorback was released in April in more detailed than this roadmap。The following is from the gorbak4 Month release!The comparison shows that the current roadmap is abbreviated; nothing.

《Now as the HC project is in advanced stages of development and we’re ironing out the protocol it’s time for a new and more accurate roadmap. More details will soon be published in the upcoming HC Article which is a more understandable version of the new WIP whitepaper.

  1. Private Hyperchain Testnet(March/April/May 2021)
    Experiments with the current PoC protocol on a 3 node testnet. This is when we plan to implement the missing pieces of the HC protocol:
  • Stake delegation
  • Beneficiary/Delegate split ratio configuration
  • Adjusting the inflation curve, Naming system TTL to account for the changed key-block interval
  • Test the real world behaviour under forks(not only in our parent chain simulator)
  • PoGF
  • PoL
  • Possible staking contract upgradability
  • etc…
    After ironing out the 3 validator case using a snapshot of Aeternity Mainnet we will operate a test hyperchain with 1-3 validators using Bitcoin Testnet as the parent chain. This Hyperchain will also feature it’s own middleware/explorer. The testnet will be reset pretty often and heavily without any notice. We will publish detailed instructions on how to join the testnet/point your wallet at it.
  1. Public Hyperchain Testnet(???)

This marks the point of the development of Hyperchains where we no longer have issues with the Private Testnet and we’re confident in our work. All implementation details were sorted out, and the private test net is stable. The parent chain for AE Mainnet was chosen. The public HC testnet will be attached to the same parent chain as AE Mainnet in the future. We will launch a bug bounty program for finding issues with the HC protocol. The entire protocol will be audited by an external review company. Anyone will be invited to be a test validator on the public testnet.

  1. AE PoW Mainnet migration(???)

A preliminary poll will be made using the governance app - it will ask people on whether there is interest in the switchover from PoW to HC. This vote will be unbinding - It will be a poll to evaluate interest in the upgrade and the possible parent chain. The real HC vote will occur using the staking contract - after rolling out the upgrade. Hyperchain nodes will pretend to be PoW nodes - those nodes will constantly monitor the staking contract and evaluate the economic security of the HC network. In case the security of the Hyperchain based on a rigid set of criteria is deemed decent HC nodes will ditch PoW and start acting according to the new consensus rules - This creates a binding on chain vote. If someone disagrees with the upgrade they can refuse to install the HC》


What I want to say is that it’s already August 2021!
In the above summary, I just saw these work arrangements( March/April/May 2021)。
What are the work contents of June, July and August 2021? And the next work?
The roadmap is not a summary, but a task plan and detailed task arrangement. If you are not sure, please don’t send it blindly.

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I am a developer myself. When we release the plan and roadmap, all our work contents and time nodes are determined. Only in this way can we ensure that our work is of high quality and effective.


Would the project party please handle the issue of token circulation as soon as possible? This is the most important thing! Our investors can wait for the development progress of the project? But the circulation problem is a matter between the project side and the exchange. The project party should not pin their hopes on our investors, because there is really nothing we can do!


Since AE was attacked, all exchanges have lacked trust in the security and stability of AE.
The AE team did not admit their mistakes and did not take the initiative to bear the losses suffered by the exchange after being attacked. So the exchange set a threshold on Depsoit!

What specific mistakes are you referring to?

The attack was a typical double-spend attack, where the attacker overwhelmed the available mining power on AE, taking the opportunity to rewrite the chain for personal gain. It didn’t exploit weaknesses beyond the intrinsic limit of POW protection. From the AE side, we pointed out that we DO NOT HAVE some central lever that we can pull to stop an attack like that, nor do we have any backdoors allowing us to steal the money back and return it to the rightful owners. This is by design, as AE was honestly built to be a permissionless, distributed POW blockchain, and we’ve always thought this would be good news.

While one may be of the opinion that running an exchange should be a risk-free enterprise, since the stewards of each chain guarantee that they will cover all losses, I would like to hear how that jibes with the philosophy of decentralized no-trust finance.

The fact is that Aeternity is now, despite low hash power, quite hard to exploit for personal gain, since double-spend attacks longer than 100 blocks are simply blocked by the algorithms. This means that if you want to secure a deposit, 101 confirmations (ca 5 hours) will offer maximum protection. We have also presented monitoring tools visualizing the current exposure of each exchange.

From a purely technical standpoint, the attack(s) didn’t reveal any weakness in AE that wasn’t already known and present in all POW blockchains. Also from a technical standpoint, AE is much more secure today than it was back when the exchanges trusted us, since we have better tools for active community mitigation of attacks, and we have also seen that the community is willing to work with us to defend the chain.

We have offered to answer any questions any exchange may have, in public or in confidence. All they have to do is contact us, and we will set something up.



You speak english plaese , teame does not speak chinease

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We need to know the attitude of each exchange and why it has been slow to recover. Investors have been unable to find out, so all they can do is complain about the team. Now AE has a variety of rumors, that Huobi will not synchronize HYPERCHAINS, only to make the information transparent, we will rest assured. We love blockchain