Æternity is in the race for “The Best Blockchain Project”!

Hey everyone,

We just found out that æternity is in the race for “The Best Blockchain Project” in this year’s Europas Awards :heart_eyes::pray:

Thanks to Europas - the European Tech Startup Awards for nominating us!

We have until the end of the day to vote, so come on everyone - show your love :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you,

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Hey everyone,

We are so happy to share that we are among the finalists! Yippie!!! :smiley::star_struck::star2:

æternity is in the race for The Europas’ Hottest Blockchain Project!

The winners will be selected on Thursday - check the competitors below:


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The result of the event?

Not out yet :roll_eyes:

When will the result come out?

I have no idea, I am following their twitter account all day but nothing yet.

According to your experience, how long will this result take, days, months or months, or longer?

I supposed they’d be out today :roll_eyes:

Has the result come out? Or from which website can you see the results?

The results are out and, unfortunately, we did not win :frowning:

However, thank you all for voting and putting æternity in the finalists list :slight_smile:

We will try again next year!