Æternity London Meetup (London, United Kingdom)


We had a small but nice Aeternity London Meetup on the 12 January 2019

Thanks for the aeternity community that turned up, also thank you for Erik for being in London at the time.

More photos and videos to follow.



Hey @MoNomaly,

Thank you for sharing and your support. We really appreciate your work and help to spread the word about æternity :slightly_smiling_face::rocket:


Since @mo.nomaly is currently preparing his contribution for Starfleet, I will finish this meetup recap with some pictures and videos from our London event :grinning:


Hello team! Thank you for update. Hope this event will bring some good changes in your project.


Thank you Erik, I really appreciate your support :blush:


Also here are the videos!

Video London meetup 1

Video London meetup 2

Video London meetup 3

Video London meetup 4


Thanks Erik really appreciate you posting all the content for me, as you know I haven’t stop at all yet, the day after the meet up I left to the aepps summit in turkey and from there I headed to Berlin with the aepps team and I’m still here :grinning: