Aeternity meetup Abuja

We had another interesting meetup on the 26/6/2019. The meet up was engaging. We discussed about the major deference between æternity and other blockchain platform like bitcoin, the focus point was scalability and we discussed how Aeternity’s technology aims to tackle some of the most pressing issues currently faced by blockchain users. We discussed and came up with a use case of Notary for career portfolio, Notarization is the fraud-deterrent process that assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic, one way that blockchain could be used in notarization is to ensure proof of existence, The blockchain could be used to prove the existence of a document since the time of creation, and any modification to the document since then could be detected, Verification that a document has not been altered can be done by hashing the document. Any changes in the document would result in a different hash, allowing the owner of the document to become aware of the change.