Æternity Meetup in Barcelona


Yesterday we had a meetup in the MOvistar Center of Barcelona, a very nice place. The space was full of peolpe interested in Blockchain mostly students from the Blockchain institue of Barcelona. They got surprised about the progress made by Aeternity in such a short time since the ICO. Many of them came along to explain me their projects and they wanted to know how they should apply for the incubator program of “Aeternity Ventures”, so you can expect some applications to be send in the next weeks, in fact one of the most interesting is the one of the Blockchain Institute and Technology for creating an Educational Aepp.
The more I get to know about Aeternity the more this project impresses me as one of the most promising and solid projects of the cryptoworld.


Hey @Manel

Thank you so much for your work and enthusiasm.

Please inform everyone interested that the application process for Starfleet 2 is now open and the Starfleet incubator even has a new shiny website :slight_smile:

We are so looking forward to their applications!

Give us more info about this Educational Aepp idea and more photos too :slight_smile:




Hey @Manel, great pics, thanks for sharing. Great work :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope see more details about the Educational Aepp idea soon.