Æternity Payment Application Update (0.9.24)

Hello community and friends, there’s a new build available with improvements. This build is the first that offers the possibility to auto-onboard to a fixed payment hub without the need of a QR code at hand.
This is decided at build time with an .env setting.


Æternity Payments Application (post aeuniverse)- Handbook

PaymentHub Setup:


0.9.24 (191106)

  • Auto-Onboarding mode is available setting VUE_APP_AUTO_ONBOARD_HUB_URL environment variable at build time.

  • Ensures that a valid channel to re-connect is available when asking for Deposit, Withdraw and Close operations.

  • Clicking Main Menu balance display will trigger a refresh.

  • Removed “always-connected” mode

  • Open Channel, Withdraw, Deposit and Close show more detailed progress (inclusion and remaining confirmations)

  • Code cleanup


  • Navigating out during Withdraw/deposit may trigger failure (See aepp-sdk-js issue #767)

  • Cancelling transactions through Base-Aepp dialog may cause channel to enter inconsistent state.

  • Do not switch subaccounts except before channel opening.

  • Page Refresh/Exit may cause problems if a channel operation is underway. This should be fixed with future 5.1.0 node Release. This is currently mitigated by keeping display and CPU active in certain operations.

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