Aeternity Publicity Quest

At 1:00:00 in the Jun 17th SuperheroLeague video, Yani and other developers suggest that ‘the community needs to help’ to publicize the network.

We’d love to. But there aren’t many ways how to do so. Let’s brainstorm how non-technical users can actually have something to talk to their friends about? Because ‘There’s this new blockchain called Aeternity that you can…build on…and it’s really fast when you have a project run on it…and it’s got a lot of features for when there’s software on it…check it out!’ doesn’t go over too well - people need to use the thing first.

Help us with things to show to our friends? To attract people to a blockchain, the blockchain needs to have things on it. It’s a chicken-vs-egg sort of a thing.


  1. Superhero-gift AE to various high-profile individuals - yes, basically free money for publicity - to get them to use the network. An investment of 50,000AE tokens (random number off top of my head) might produce immense results. You need to somehow kickstart this thing - you can’t rely on it to naturally start flowing. We don’t have the time.
  2. Internally-create another few public-facing aepps that can be used in concert with Superhero.
    2a. Image sharing? Signal-chat-competitor? UBER competitor? An integrated selling network?
  3. The AE CORE team could proactively contact the most-promising development projects in progress today and hands-on help them out to push their individual things to past the finish line?
  4. When is the airdrop to BTC/ETH addresses is supposed to happen? It might be good to do that soon?

The key thing is: The blockchain is great - now it needs to have usability. It needs to have it yesterday. I feel that relying on the hands-off ‘natural development’ to take care of these things is idealistic and time-wasteful and risks the project.

So: What’s the one AEpp that I could be telling my buddies to put onto their phones so that me and him/her can do something new and magical, today? Please help me to have one? :slight_smile:

Cheers, and hope this starts a discussion of the progress/way forward.


edit: I hope I put this into the right forum? :slight_smile:
edit2: is great - but the website is way way low on info-density. Tell me more things and give me more stories to possibly pursue with less scrolling and in less space. Especially when on desktop. Compare it to the front page of

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