The Aeternity Foundation (ACF) supports the aeternity protocol and ecosystem.

The ACF is giving funding grants for application on the promotion of the success and growth of the aeternity ecosystem as well as the ae blockchain maintenance. Weekly detail reports on the progress of the developers can be found in the Active Grant Applications under the forum’s ACF Grant Category.

Our goal remains the same: to make the aenode faster, better and lighter and the ae ecosystem more attractive for the users. The hyperchain network using the aenodes has been designed to attract the Aeternity enterprise customers and their users. On top of the faster aeternity network and hyperchain network the decentralized applications (dapps) can be run with higher performance and in a private context. Therefore, the whole aeternity ecosystem will perform with higher availability, scalability, security and performance.

Q2 2022 Recap

Short review of the tasks from the Q2 2020 Roadmap.

HyperChains Alpha test network is running and some bugs were tracked and fixed. The contracts and the UI were extended and improved. It was made significant progress with the parent chain integration with regards to the API. A new testing suite had been implemented. New subsequent tasks were identified and documented, see hcproject. A regular report on the hyperchains progress can be found in the ae forum, see HyperChains Alpha .

RocksDB refactoring is an epic task that had marked some great progress. Although the initial goal had been improving the data consistency, now that this refactoring is closing a stable state and some rough measurements on the system can be made. At this point there is no longer a need of so many file descriptors. This deprecates the need of bumping the ulimit on a system level before starting the node. What is more interesting, the sync has significant improvements (more than twice as fast as before). This refactoring is still under development.

Some notable changes need to be mentioned:

  • the support for leveldb was dropped
  • after some adjustments, now the source code compiles under OTP25
  • a lot of test stability improvements
  • some small bugfixes

Q3 2022 Roadmap

Ongoing tasks

AeCanary and GUI Launcher are continuously improved. Rosetta API
is in a final stage of the implementation and will be published in Q3.


Hyperchains are the top priority for research. The work will be done towards:

  • parent chain connectors
  • contracts features improvement
  • release process upgrade
  • UI revisiting
  • reporting the results on the hyperchains research and development to the ae community

Garbage Collection (GC)

The GC old state improvement would be really beneficial but it is blocked by the RocksDB refactoring. Once the latest RocksDB is merged, the work on GV will proceed.

The updates on the aeroadmap and the aerelease schedule will follow dynamically in this topic. The previous roadmap can be found on the AETERNITY ROADMAP Q2 2022 .

You are welcome to contact us under the Email: [email protected]

Release 6.5.2

Release Date: July 2022
Type: Maintenance

Release 6.5.3

Release Date: August 2022
Type: Maintenance

Release hc_0.3.0

Release Date: August 2022
Type: HyperChains Test Release

Release 6.5.4

Release Date: September 2022
Type: Maintenance

Release hc_0.4.0

Release Date: September 2022
Type: HyperChains Test Release

The exchange is disappearing You don’t plan to go public?

When will the popular app come out?

Dear @forjuwon, thanks for your reply. What app do you mean?

When will it be commercialized?

You can review the presentation and questions and answers around the Q3 Roadmap here: æternity Crypto Foundation | Q3 Roadmap Core Developers AMA July 2022 - YouTube