Æternity’s Krakow Dev Meetup - Videos


Hey everyone,

Find below the teaser of the Krakow Dev Meetup æternity organized together with Erlang Solutions:

Stay tuned - more videos to come!



Hey again :slight_smile:

Here’s the introduction to the æternity Blockchain that Yanislav and Emin did before the Krakow audience :slight_smile:

They presented the team and discussed the æternity’s ecosystem, the Starfleet incubator, the two Foundations we created and much more!

Watch them here:


Photos: æternity's Krakow Dev Meetup

Hey all,

Here is the third video from the Krakow series - æternity’s core developer and Erlang veteran Ulf Wiger @ulf.wiger will walk you through æternity’s State Channels technology:

Watch it to learn more about one of the most advanced scalability solutions currently in existence :slight_smile:



And here is the next super interesting video coming from Krakow:

Thomas Arts talks about the introduction of the Noise Protocol in æternity and what the security implications are of using available Noise implementations:

What do you think about this approach?



And here’s the last video coming from Krakow:

Nikita Fuchs, our Developer Evangelist, talks about æternity’s unique Smart Contracts design!

Hear him and tell us what you think :slight_smile: