Æternity Santiago Chile


Yesterday I had my first meet up in Santiago de Chile, we had an introduction to blockchain, æternity, smart contracts, state channels, oracles, æpps and I showed the drone Graffiti project.

We discuss about æternity as a political tool, that can improve democracy and transparency.

Participants where interested in the incubator program, and they ask how to participated.


felicitaciones!!! por muchos mas


Acá son más fotos del evento :slight_smile:




Hey @herminiaG

Thank you for this photo.
Tell us more what about æternity fascinates people?

Unfortunately, the application process for Starfleet 2 is now closed, but don’t hesitate to tell us more about your æpps ideas :slight_smile:



I can give you more details about the meetup :slight_smile:

Meetup location: LAUNCH Coworking Sede Holley, General Holley #133, Providencia (Metro los Leones), Santiago

Participants: 11

Topics presented:
Introducción Blockchain, Introducción Aeternity, contratos inteligentes, canales de estado, oraculos, mecanismos de consenso, æpps, ejemplo de Drone Graffiti, registro y protección de propiedad intelectual para artistas y creativos , programa de incubadora.

Questions by the audience:
How are smart contracts executed within state channels? What are the limits of smart contract modification within the state channel? Is it possible to change a smart contract within a state channel? Who are the primary investors of æternity?

Potential use case found at the meetup:
To use æternity as political instrument to promote democracy and transparency. A tool to know and register the opinions of citizens regard certain governmental decisions. Also as a tool to make the financing of public infrastructure building more transparent. There could be a team built around this topic, there just needs to be more developers involved to help with the technical aspects of the ideas.


Thank you @erik93 , I am also really curious about blockchain’s potential to bring more transparency to governmental spending.
However, there would be a lot of resistance against such a solution :slight_smile:


@ae-albena the discussion was very interesting, here in Latin America politicians always promote new developmets but they never occur or they finish with delay and overpriced, so it is a very powerfull idea to battle the corruption of governments however is true that there would be resistance.


That’s why we are working in peer-to-peer and not top-down solutions, right? :wink:


Hey, I absolutely get the feeling, here in Bulgaria, although we are in the EU, things are not very different. And people often feel helpless facing those injustices :roll_eyes:

However, I am persuaded that blockchain and especially æternity can change this :slight_smile:
So, I am curious about the use cases you can come up with :slight_smile: