Aeternity Saturday Developer Meetup

We had a developer-only meetup this Saturday oriented to introduce aeternity’s blockchain features. Attendees were very interested in integrating aeternity blockchain to their projects and were eager to learn about state channels and oracles. We also took the opportunity to highlight how they can present new ideas and developments to opt for funding through participating in hackathons & the Starfleet accelerator. The next step is to coordinate future Tech meetup cycles so they can learn all they need to know to take full advantage of our powerful platform.

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Excellent work @jcdelpino! :fire::clap::venezuela: Do you mind sharing the presentation with us? Also where exactly did you hold this meetup?

Hi @erik93, we had the meetup in Caracas, I made an open call through social media to all developers interested in integrating aeternity’s blockchain technology to their projects. I wanted to have a first-hand feel of their needs in order to select a few projects to help them with the implementation of this technology.

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